Totally Locally is about creating strong, vibrant towns and sustainable local economies.

Independent businesses and shops are the bedrock of our communities, and when they thrive they create real jobs, cohesive towns and strong economies. Totally Locally helps people to rediscover and fall in love with their high streets.

Many of our projects are award winning, and our Town Kit is used by groups all over the world making their towns better places to live and work.



The nuts and bolts explained, the intricacies that make Totally Locally fly and what stops it from working!

Workshops include setup of Townkit and masterclasses for your town.

Who We Are?

We are a small group of marketeers, designers, brand experts, consultants and activists. We have huge experience in creating events, building campaigns, creating brands and introducing schemes that have big social and economic impact in small towns. We love our work.

What We Do

We create clever campaigns and events that really engage with people. We train up people so that the campaigns are sustainable after we’ve left. We foster pride in the places that people live, work and visit. We change towns!

Our Vision

Our vision is to expand the network of Totally Locally Towns across the world. We forsee new ways of working, ideas swapping and collaboration for businesses and organisations to create thriving local economies. We want to future-proof local supply chains, and to help everyone to become aware how spending a little bit of their money “Totally Locally” can have a huge impact on local jobs, business, economies and life.



or…. How to go Totally Locally if you’re a Shopper

Really, it is that simple! Just switch £5 or $5 or €5 of your weekly shopping from chainstores, supermarkets or online to an independent business in your town. Change where you buy your lunch time sandwich,where you buy your coffee, shop with the independent butcher, grocer or book shop, it is that simple. You may ask how this makes a difference?


or…. Getting Businesses to Support Each Other

Independent businesses use on average (we’ve found) 8 local suppliers. When a town takes on Totally Locally this usually doubles to an average of about 16. This is due to them understanding the importance of supporting each other. So you, by supporting a business that supports lots of other local businesses, are supporting many others too.


Boosting Economies with Our Totally Locally Town Kit.

Easy steps and messages that help local people to join in with Totally Locally, making supporting your high street fun, not a chore. Fiver Fests, Magic Tenners, Totally Locally Times, Hidden Gem trails, unique ways of working, – collaboratively with no agenda other than making the place you live and work better..


Free Stuff to Download & Share

The place to download all the freebies we give you.

How To Do Stuff

Some step by step guides to help you on your way. REALLY worth reading.

Totally locally Shop

Coming soon – A resources shop for you and your town, plus lots of nice goodies, that helps to keep TL going.

Our Projects

Projects that have been delivered by Totally Locally or Totally Locally Towns

Totally Locally can turn towns around with residents returning to shop on their high streets, new events being created, businesses working together for the good of their town. Here are some of the stories behind those projects. This could happen in your town as well…


This is What We Do.

Community led high street regeneration with our unique collaborative tools to create big impact in towns and regions.

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    Town Consultancy and Place Branding

    We work with Councils and Chambers of Commerce to deliver town and rural economy regeneration projects that have long lasting and sustainable impacts.  Creating engaging campaigns messages, designs and media to engage business, visitors, locals and residents for regions, towns and projects. Through training and support we show how to encourage and nurture grassroots projects.

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    Create Events

    Creating a buzz by setting up scalable events, with clever and sustainable working models. Getting people to take ownership so those events can grow organically and be ‘owned’ by the community.

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    Talks & Workshops

    Our talks and workshops are fun, unbelievably practical, free of bullsh*t and accessible to anyone. We’ve spoken at events and worked with groups across the UK, Australia, New Zealand, France & Ireland. We help people to look at things differently, give practical tools to make things happen.

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    Pop-up Shops

    We’ve done some amazing Pop Up shops from small to huge! Normal ones can cause disruption and competition with local businesses – ours don’t. In fact we’ve worked out how to enhance exisiting busineses, create more of a market for everyone, build local supply chains and incubate new businesses onto the High Street with them. Exciting!

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    Award Winning models of sustainable markets – from scratch or reenergising an existing market. Community led, fun, cost effective, enhancing existing businesses and, well just great!

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    Totally Locally Town Kit

    Our free, grass roots movement – all in one handy kit! How to market independent High (Main) Streets and towns to locals, visitors, business – in fact everyone. A huge resource of posters, strategy, leaflets, campaigns, events and messages – both print and digital. And we give it away! It’s used all over the world, won loads of awards and made loads of friends. It’s a network of ideas sharing, across the globe. We just ask that if you use it. you share your ideas for the good of everyone. Together we can do great things!

Our People

Meet some of the people behind Totally Locally

Totally Locally is run by a small team at headquarters with a network of Totally Locally Advisors from some of the many towns who have ‘gone Totally Locally’.

Latest Updates

Our latest News, Views and Videos

Totally Locally Town news, our ramblings, musings and points to ponder

How You Can Support Us

If you’d like to support Totally Locally and our work

Your support helps us to bring new ideas to the Town Kit for towns, communities and independent businesses around the world. And we’ll love you forever.

Get In Touch

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