Chris Sands


Chris Sands

Founder & Creative Director, Totally Locally


Chris Sands is an award winning designer, marketeer and branding expert.

In July 2015 he was presented with an Honorary Doctorate from The University of Staffordshire for his work in helping communities and towns with the free Totally Locally initiative. He created the Totally Locally concept in 2009 for his home region of Calderdale. It had such an economic impact that he was asked by other towns to do it for them. So he decided to give it away for free in a step by step guide and kit. Since then it has grown dramatically.

He has worked on many big brands (such as William Hill, Radisson, EMI, Warner Music) and helped many SMEs and small companies increase business through branding. He has also worked on a number of educational organisations and regions of the UK on place branding and engaging audiences.

In 2013 Chris, along with business partner Nigel Goddard, created the Valley of Lights event (to create economic vibrancy after tremendous flooding hit the Upper Calder Valley twice in 3 months), which brought 12,000 people onto the street to celebrate their community and local businesses. It went on to win the APSE (Association of Public Service Excellence) Award for best community and neighbourhood initiative in the UK. The award was based on economic and social impact. It also created £1.5 million in PR for the region.

Chris has spoken at conferences and run workshops on engaging communities, branding, place making, town regeneration and sense of place across the UK and in Australia and New Zealand.

His love of cycling and the place he lives caused him to write & design the successful book ‘One More Hill”, celebrating the people, businesses and culture connected to The South Pennines.

He was awarded the ‘Inspire Award’ for Inspirational People of Calderdale in 2014.

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