Key Fund



Our northern soul has national clout. Key Fund not only invests, it’s shaping the sector at large.

Over the years, our ambitions have grown. We’ve widened our geographical reach across the north, and are helping to shape new kinds of industry– all of which have Social Impact at their heart.

But, we’re not upping sticks and moving to London. The Capital is coming to us, as we funnel even more European and national investment to local communities.

Key Fund works in the gap where there is a cost to doing nothing – a cost to society, the Treasury, the tax payer, but more importantly, to our communities.

We believe Social Enterprises have a significant role in providing better public services and improving the lives of the most disadvantaged in society. However, they often struggle to raise finance from banks and building societies.

We fund those turned down by banks, providing a ‘staircase’ to developing enterprise whilst effectively managing risk.

By providing tailored investments, we continue our mission to break down the barriers to accessing finance.

As a Social Enterprise ourselves, we don’t do fat bonuses and profit shares, we re-invest our profit to help even the most disadvantaged communities to thrive. It’s about balancing inequalities, eradicating poverty and using business nous to do a bit of good. OK, so we think it’s a revolutionary movement of our age. There, said it.