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Totally Locally is a side project of The Good Company. It is run by ourselves just because we wanted to do something good.

But we also have a day job – that’s where The Good Company comes in….
The Good Company is two people, Chris Sands (founder of Totally Locally) who is an award winning brand, marketing and design expert, and Marc Briand, who headed up Totally Locally  in Leek, Staffordshire.  Marc’s background is in high end retail and web development.


We work alongside a small group of trusted people who we’ve undertaken many projects with. From big events such as the award winning Valley of Lights (undertaken with Nigel Goddard – see below) and The Sunday Supplement)….

VOL-&-SS design & branding projects (such as place branding for The South Pennines & branding for Barnsley College)…


….town regeneration projects, campaigns, festivals, social media training and web programming.

Our specialism is in creating brands and campaigns that people really buy into, (be that a for college, a region or a town), to engaging people, and give them ownership. It’s a great way to make things work long term. If you come along and tell people what to do, as soon as the project is over it dies. But if you create something that people feel they own, the effect of the campaign carries on, long after the initial input. And in most cases it grows, which means it is great value for money.

It’s what Totally Locally is built on – a unique blend of marketing, branding and community engagement. And we’re very proud of it.

Our innovative work has seen us as keynote speakers at conferences as far away as Adelaide – South Australia (Place Leaders Asia Pacific Conference & Australian Institute of Planning).  Melbourne, Australia (Main Street Australia Conference), and many in the UK such as Locality Annual Conference.

Although all this may seem a bit hard to get your head round (it’s hard enough trying to explain it!), if you’ve got a project in mind, or indeed you need to engage with engaging people in your town, area or organisation, or you just want some big ideas to happen, get in contact and we can chat and help to give some clear thought on it all. Your project doesn’t have to be anything like Totally Locally. We’ve worked with most sorts of businesses and organisations.

You can contact us at:

or alternatively phone +44 (0)113 3280943


Totally Locally was co-founded by Chris Sands & Nigel Goddard in 2010

A Pocket History Totally Locally started in Calderdale, West Yorkshire, by Chris as a commission by Calderdale Council to do a small shop local campaign for Calderdale towns. He went a bit mad with it (it was meant to be a few stickers, a poster and a bag!), and it all went crazy. 

Good friend Nigel Goddard (business advisor)  joined him and together, after thousands of hours work,  founded Totally Locally as it is today –  the whole campaign in a kit for anyone to use for free! Nigel has moved on, but remains with us in an advisory capacity – or Ideas Bouncer, as we prefer to call him.  And we still like to discuss which town has the best pies.