Welcome to Totally Locally North East Lincolnshire


If every adult in North East Lincolnshire spent just £5 of their weekly shopping budget in a local shop or independent business instead of online or at the big chains, it would generate an extra £30 million per year for the local economy.

Just imagine what that could do for our area. More jobs, better facilities and a nicer place not only for visitors but for us all to live.

This is what Totally Locally NEL is all about – celebrating the High Street, creating community events and showcasing all the reasons to shop locally. Ultimately, lifting the whole area.

We do this through supporting the incredible independent businesses we have in North East Lincolnshire. Totally Locally is an award-winning buy local movement by local business for local business, and by working together we can really make a difference to our community.




The very first Totally Locally NEL Fiver Fest Fortnight is here! Between 25th September and 8th October, independent businesses and retailers from across North East Lincolnshire are highlighting a special £5 offer. Take a look at the 2017 bargains! or if you would like to get involved please contact us via our contact page or via Facebook Page