Businesses Shopping Locally themselves

localbusinesses-shoppinglocallyIndependent businesses on average, we’ve found, use about 8 local suppliers. When a town takes on Totally Locally this usually double to an average of about 16. This is due to them understanding the importance of supporting each other. So you, by supporting a business that supports lots of other local businesses, are supporting many others too.

The independent business in town will use local accountants, solicitors, window cleaners, probably buy their lunch from a fellow independent in town, have a brew or a pint in an independent café or pub and take on more locally made products.

The local producers are small businesses too, and they have their own local supply chains (research shows £5 spend with an independent business has a value of up to £25 to the local economy). So the money stays in the local economy creating more jobs, sustainable businesses and a better town centre.

We have seen the shop rates in some Totally Locally towns fall dramatically when businesses start working together, encouraging each other and using each other as suppliers. Which makes all this stuff great common sense and, well, just nice!

And if you still need convincing that your business needs to do this, take a look at this little film. Makes total sense doesn’t it!?!