Small numbers with big impact for the UK economy…..

….. and my big maths mistake!

Totally Locally is a campaign run in many towns across the UK and around the world (from France to Australia) and all those towns have their own Facebook pages. Tavistock is one of those towns. And when they shared one of our images, everything went a bit crazy….

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A Totally Locally Businesses Story

We often get asked ‘What is Totally Locally about, what do you do?” Coincidentally we have had this sent through from a business in Leek, one of our Totally Locally towns and we thought it explained it quite well:

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Lets talk about Parking….. or not!

Parking, it’s a big thing – we can all agree on that. You can pretty much guarantee that  when we go to a new Totally Locally town to give a talk, a workshop or a masterclass parking will be brought up as ‘an issue’.

So bear with us, grab a brew and a biscuit and we’ll explore parking as another part of our sporadic Elephant In The Room blog posts.

Totally Locally and the Totally Locally kit are a different way of doing things in a town, a new way of thinking, about businesses collaborating, promoting each other, talking the town up (not down) – yes OK, we get that, but how does that relate to parking – well, we literally park it, so to speak.

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Small Business every Saturday

Small Business Every Saturday

Small Business every Saturday

Small Business Saturday, did you notice it? Did it make you go and ‘shop small’ for the day? Reading the press the day was a great success:

“British consumers spent £623m with small firms across Britain as part of Small Business Saturday, according to analysis.

Falling on 5 December, the initiative, now in its third year, attracted 24pc more cash than in 2014, an increase of £119m.”

But this is just for one day, what happens on the next Saturday and the ones following? Back to the old habits? “We’ve done our bit by supporting a small shop for one day”. Does it have any long lasting effect or impact? Do the shops benefit long term from the effort to double their takings for just one day?

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This Kit won’t fix your town………. but you can.

What Totally Locally Is – And What It Isn’t!

Deeeeeep Breath…….

It’s a Toolkit not a magic wand

It’s not a magic wand where you just fill in & print out some flyers and banners, and your town will get busy.
It’s a tool kit. And like any tool kit, it’s only as good as the people using the tools.
You could give me the best tool kit in the world, but my car would be a lot more worse for wear if I tried to change the cam belt!

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Totally Locally Commended in South Australian State Parliament.

The Launch of Totally Locally in Blackwood, South Australia was a huge success, so much so that their local MP, Sam Duluk, delivered this fantastic speech in State Parliament.

I was lucky to meet Jonathan & Heather, who brought the campaign to Blackwood, when I was over in Australia in April, and what fantastic and enthusiastic people they were. On the launch day they themselves gave away hundreds of free coffees, just to support their local community,

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Totally Locally Chris in Australia

As Totally Locally takes off more in Australia, I’m working in South Australia with towns and groups on loads of different projects, including creating an identity for your town, engaging communities, workshops with groups on how to bring vibrancy to their town, and the launch of two Totally Locally towns – Kapunda on the edge of the Barossa, and Western Fleurieu (which incorporates a few small towns).

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Totally Locally Crickhowell Fights Supermarket Plans.

We thought we’d start to keep you up to date with a few of the things going on in some of the Totally Locally Towns.

Around 150 people have turned out in Crickhowell High Street in Powys to oppose plans to convert a pub in the High Street into a convenience store.

Around 1,500 have already signed an online petition opposing the plans say campaigners.

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Love Your Town

One of the things we see with towns that go Totally Locally is a noticeable increase in pride in the town. This makes sense, we’re opening peoples eyes to the great things in their town, the wonderful shops and the impact that they can have by spending a little bit of their money each week with the independent businesses. We saw first hand how this happened in Leek during voting for the Telegraph’s High Street of The Year competition in 2013 (Leek was joint runner up by the way)

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