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Totally Locally Commended in South Australian State Parliament.

The Launch of Totally Locally in Blackwood, South Australia was a huge success, so much so that their local MP, Sam Duluk, delivered this fantastic speech in State Parliament. I was lucky to meet Jonathan & Heather, who brought the campaign to Blackwood, when I was over in Australia in April, and what fantastic and […]

Totally Locally Chris in Australia

As Totally Locally takes off more in Australia, I’m working in South Australia with towns and groups on loads of different projects, including creating an identity for your town, engaging communities, workshops with groups on how to bring vibrancy to their town, and the launch of two Totally Locally towns – Kapunda on the edge […]

What If They Built A Supermarket and Nobody Came?

There are so many anti supermarket campaigns at the moment and it made me think. If the supermarket isn’t profitable shareholders would shut it down. They would leave, and the town would go back to how it was. The aisles would be empty, the staff would be twiddling their thumbs and no ready meals would be […]