Valley of Lights – Calder Valley Flood Relief Project 2012

An Award Winning Project by the Totally Locally team.


VALLEY OF LIGHTS – WINNER OF THE NATIONAL GOVERNMENT APSE Award 2013 – Best Community & Neighbourhood Initiative in The UK

The Valley of Lights was a project designed specifically to improve the Local Economy of the Calderdale Upper Valley area after the terrible floods of the summer of 2012. Totally Locally was commissioned by Calderdale Council to create something special that would impact the businesses in the area & give the people of the towns a much needed boost, while re-connecting them with the local shops. The idea we came up with seemed a bit crazy, but boy did it work! And we only had 8 weeks to deliver it!

Both Nigel & myself agree that this was the proudest moment of our working lives. And also the most knackering! But…. it was just brilliant!

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Totally Locally Chris in Australia

As Totally Locally takes off more in Australia, I’m working in South Australia with towns and groups on loads of different projects, including creating an identity for your town, engaging communities, workshops with groups on how to bring vibrancy to their town, and the launch of two Totally Locally towns – Kapunda on the edge of the Barossa, and Western Fleurieu (which incorporates a few small towns).

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The Sunday Supplement

The Sunday Supplement – what is it? Is it a market? Yes. Is it an event? Yes. Is it an extra trading day for a town? Yes
It is all of the above, done in a Totally Locally way. The Sunday Supplement started in Leek in 2012 to stimulate Sunday trade in the town. Before we go too far into the hows and whys, a little background…..

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