That sounds easy but how is it done?

that-sounds-easyWe help to change towns through our trademarked Totally Locally Town Kit.

Easy steps and messages that help residents to join in with Totally Locally, making supporting your high street fun, not a chore.

Fiver Fests, Magic Tenners, Totally Locally Times, Hidden Gem trails – there’s lots to do.

We’re so passionate about our high streets that we make our award winning kit available as a free licence for voluntary groups. It takes a bit of time and some professional design skills to customise the kit for their town.


To make it easy whilst your Totally Locally group are busy getting everyone together and planning the launch we can handle the printing and setup if they need our help too.

Most of all, Totally Locally is about collaboration – between you and your fellow town people, and also between your town and other towns. We ask towns to share their ideas, support each other and even meet up and work together.  The more you put in, the more you get – and that’s special! (If you aren’t into the whole working together thing, this really isn’t for you. No place for egos, hidden agendas & ‘look at me’. Just solid co operation between nice people.

If you’re interested in Totally Locally for your town have a read of our options here