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Totally Locally FAQ’s – PLEASE NOTE:

If you do decide to use the Totally Locally Town Kit, you are entering into a legal agreement via a Creative Commons Licence. This licence means that you cannot use the Town Kit for any other uses than those stated on this website. The statements above also apply to this licence.  So if you use it – don’t change the colour, don’t run it as a Council / Subscription Based Association before you speak to us, don’t use the brand for your own monetary gain and don’t nick bits of it. You would be breaking the law. If you want to talk to us about this, please drop us a line at We aren’t as harsh as this statement sounds! Thank you.


A place for the most frequent questions that we get asked such as “Is it really free?”, “How long does it take to get started?”, “What’s the best pie you’ve had?”.


I want Totally Locally in my town – what’s the first thing I do?
Read all theses FAQs, then click on the Get Totally Locally link and basically fill in the form. It’s all there my friend!
Can I just use the printed stuff without doing the campaign?
You could (because we couldn’t stop you), but to be honest you will be wasting your time. It’s not about pretty posters, it’s about key, strong messages repeated over and over, so that it gets ingrained into peoples minds. Totally Locally is designed to be a long term campaign – just like the big boys use, only made for small independent businesses to use together.
We already have a shop local campaign can I just nick bits of your message to use for my own campaign, or run yours as part of ours?
No. Sorry, but this is a big idea that has a well thought out strategy behind it. We don’t want to water it down for towns that have gone the whole hog and have committed to the Totally Locally campaign. Also used randomly, the messages don’t make sense. The ideas, layouts and concepts are all protected under copyright, and the logo & name is trademarked under European law. So please don’t use the stuff, unless you are committed to doing the whole thing. Thank you – It’s nice to be nice.
Can our Council / Business Association / Trade Association / Political Party etc. run Totally Locally?
In a word NO. Sorry. In our experience you’ll be wasting your time.
Sorry if this seems harsh. But here’s why.
There are  lot of good people doing good things in many organisations. But they are there to do what they set out to do.
Most associations like this have a membership scheme. We’ve heard “I paid 20 quid to join the business association 10 years ago and they did nothing for me!”.
People have pre-conceived ideas about these associations. They may have had a bad experience in the past and that will make them not to want to get involved in Totally Locally if it is run by them.

Totally Locally has to be seen as a “No membership, no paying to join, non-exclusive” thing.
Anyone who’s in any organisation can be involved – they are usually great at getting stuff done.
It’s just that the minute you associate it with another organistaion you immediately alienate some people.

Our experience has shown it will make it a lot harder to create an all-inclusive campaign. It also causes friction within the town – so you shoot yourself in the foot at the first hurdle, and damage the brand of Totally Locally.  That’s why we say this can’t happen.

Local Authorities & Councils have tried Shop Local campaigns over & over – most didn’t work. In our experience this is for one reason. If a council tells a business what to do, and how to do it, it’s a bit rubbish isn’t it? Someone who doesn’t run a business telling someone who DOES run a business HOW to run their business. Most people have a negative view of council led initiatives (often unfairly) and so they will not engage. Also there will then be an expectation of “What are ‘they’ going to do for me then?”.  Which is exactly what kills it all.

If you’re a Council or ‘political animal’ and you think Totally Locally is right for your town, don’t make a song and dance about it. Just point a few people who you know are good business people, who care about their town, at this website and say “What do you think?”. You won’t get any glory, you won’t be able to say “I did that”, but at least there’s a chance that Totally Locally will work in your town.

Just saying………..

Or, if you would like to talk to us about working with you to get Totally Locally or some innovative stuff going in your town or High Street, have a look here>>

What software do I need to work with the kit?
You will need Adobe Indesign for the printed material (which most designers, colleges and printers use) and WordPress for the website. Please make sure though, that the people who are using the software have a lot of experience – mainly in the field of design / web design / marketing. PLEASE NOTE: This isn’t for someone who just thinks they fancy a go at it – you need a lot of experience in print or web design.  There’s a lot that can go wrong. It’d be like buying a set of spanners, and thinking that means you know how to mend your Audi’s fuel injection system. You may be able to by fluke, but you’ll probably end up with a car that doesn’t work.If you don’t have the people you need have a try your local printers, the can usually get the kit setup for you
Can we alter the look of things – change the colour of the logo to suit our town?
Sorry no. (We’re a bit stroppy aren’t we!). We use the colours we do after much research and insight – they are colours that people associate with food, freshness, localness (is that a word?) . The logos are set in stone, and trademarked. Totally Locally works because it is becoming a recognised movement – and as such takes its key from big brands around the world. As an example – Nike doesn’t change it’s message for every town as people have got to know what it stands for. Same here – in our own little off-the-wall way.
Why is it free? Surely there’s a catch?
It is free because it is! We choose to give it away. It has a high value (check out how much it would cost you to commission something like this), and as such should be treated with care. We base it on the idea of Open Source. It’s how the likes of many software programmes like Open Office & Firefox work on your computer. The idea goes out there for free, people add to it to make it better. Everybody wins!
Please note – Totally Locally is free but please respect that there is 4 years solid work behind it to bring it to you for nowt. Ta.
Can you come and speak at out Town Team / Group / Committee?
Yes we can. Unfortunately this doesn’t fall under the Free bit, as we have to eat you know and this isn’t our job. Prices for talks and workshops are from £1000  plus travel expenses

If you’ve read everything, you’ve got some helpers who understand WordPress, Adobe InDesign and Photoshop and everything else then click here and get started with Totally Locally —–>


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