Totally Locally FAQ’s


Totally Locally FAQ’s – PLEASE NOTE:

If you do decide to use the Totally Locally Town Kit, you are entering into a legal agreement via a Creative Commons Licence. This licence means that you cannot use the Town Kit for any other uses than those stated on this website. The statements above also apply to this licence.  So if you use it – don’t change the colour, don’t run it as a Council / Subscription Based Association before you speak to us, don’t use the brand for your own monetary gain and don’t nick bits of it. You would be breaking the law. If you want to talk to us about this, please drop us a line at We aren’t as harsh as this statement sounds! Thank you.


A place for the most frequent questions that we get asked such as “Is it really free?”, “How long does it take to get started?”, “What’s the best pie you’ve had?”.


I want Totally Locally in my town – what’s the first thing I do?
Can I just use the printed stuff without doing the campaign?
We already have a shop local campaign can I just nick bits of your message to use for my own campaign, or run yours as part of ours?
Can our Council / Business Association / Trade Association / Political Party etc. run Totally Locally?
What software do I need to work with the kit?
Can we alter the look of things – change the colour of the logo to suit our town?
Why is it free? Surely there’s a catch?
Can you come and speak at out Town Team / Group / Committee?

If you’ve read everything, you’ve got some helpers who understand WordPress, Adobe InDesign and Photoshop and everything else then click here and get started with Totally Locally —–>


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