WORKING-WITH-USWhat can Totally Locally do for you?

As Totally Locally has become more successful and recognised across the UK (and even worldwide), the toolkit has been proven to work many times over and it has delivered impacts in towns up and down the UK.

The Totally Locally Town Kit is free, and everything on this site is the same. There are no charges for anyone to be involved in Totally Locally – and if anyone asks you for a joining fee tell ‘em to get lost.

But, after being asked many times,  we now offer our services to help you deliver the “Totally Locally Effect” and breathe more life into town economies.

We realise that some towns don’t have the skills necessary to set up the Totally Locally campaign (they have told us so). So we decided offer a package to do it for you. Costs are as follows. We recommend that if you are a town group, you should approach your council or funding groups in your area to cover the costs.


Costs for setting up Totally Locally Campaign.

Mini Website
Our bespoke, social media heavy, easy to maintain mini-site. All of your social media feeds and town info in one place
Town Kit Setup
To Create all the files for your branded material for your town Totally Locally campaign ready to print – including your town logo, posters, banners etc.
Town Talks
from £500
We’ll come and spend a day  in your town, get to know people and understand your area. We’ll give talks to your town group and explain the nuts and bolts of Totally Locally, share some amazingly inspirational stories, and give insight into problems you may be having in your town and help you plan the launch and first year or so of Totally Locally in your town
If you are a Local Authority, Funded Organisation or Business Organisation, we can run Workshops and Masterclasses on town initiatives, place branding & destination marketing.
Full Monty
Call Us
If you want Totally Locally, but haven’t got a clue what to do, or you are a Council which thinks it could be the right thing for your town, but are struggling to know how to go about it, we can help.
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Our Skills lay in boosting local economies through campaigns, events and clever things you might not have thought of!

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Thank you.