Chris was interviewed by The Yorkshire Post about reviving the Great British High Street, with all the news of Mary Portas Review in the press, this reporter knew of a campaign a bit closer to home to write about that was already working on this.

The article included a phrase that really stuck with us and we were chuffed to bits that it appeared unprompted:
The campaign is relentlessly positive. While people are encouraged to use the website to recommend their favourite haunts, Totally Locally doesn’t include detrimental reviews. All negative thoughts are reserved for those who managed to convince the public that supermarkets were good value for money.”

This is exactly it! We absolutely teach that positivity is the way forward. In most towns you’ll find a lot of complaining and downplaying of what is local, conversely though a lot of locals will jump to the defence of their town if anyone badmouths it (usually if they don’t live there!). Totally Locally is all about just mentioning the positives, what IS local and a hidden gem, what IS a great place to shop, where DOES makes excellent pies or coffees. Contrary to what some think, we aren’t asking for boycotts of chains and supermarkets, they often bring in footfall to towns and we believe that a good mixture of chains and independents is key to most town’s local economies. But we concentrate our efforts on helping the small independent businesses that haven’t got the time or money for their own marketing campaigns, so we give them ours for free.

“Like everything about Totally Locally, it’s a really simple idea, but one which can have a real impact. If you’re listening Mary Portas, take note.

You can read the full article here.