The latest town to go Totally Locally is Andover in Hampshire!

The local team kicked off the campaign with a Festive Fiver Fortnight in the run-up to Christmas

Many of the shops, businesses and stalls will have special offers – highlighting Totally Locally’s message that if everyone in Andover spent just £5 a week in local independent shops, it would bring an extra £9 million into the town’s economy every year.

Organiser Louise Ellison: “This is a chance for locals to discover Andover’s great shops and businesses, and the real difference they make to our town.”

“As a new retailer in Andover, I have been astounded at the negativity in and about the town. I hear so many people putting Andover down, saying there’s nothing here worth coming into town for, that they can’t find what they want here and so on, but I think they are wrong.”

“I have lived here all my life, and I love our town. Yes I’m as guilty as the next person for spending my money online, but I always try and look locally first, and to be honest, I can get the majority of what I need in town. So if I can, then others can too.”

“That’s why I am launching Totally Locally. To remind people of the great shops we have here and to tell them what they can buy where, and encourage them back through the doors of our local independent retailers. Using our independent eateries, producers and businesses. Improving our sense of community and our economy.”

You can read more about the launch and campaign in Andover via this article and the group’s Facebook page.