Whilst in Adelaide Chris went for a drink after a long day at the Place Leaders conference where he was talking. They love Totally Locally and he went through most of the towns and the amazing things that you are all doing. Chris was really clear that it is you lot that are doing it, not us! And that’s the bit that everyone loved the most.

There is a fringe festival on and Mark Niehus was there writing street poetry on the spot on any subject you supply, then typing it out for you on a proper old-fashioned manual typewriter. One person I was with told him about Totally Locally and he got really excited. This is his poem and it’s amazing. I told him we would share it and he was over the moon. So please do, our very first Totally Locally poem!

Here are his wonderful words, that could be the makings of a new Manifesto!

Take the place
that you live
and find
what you need
find what it has
in between
the supermarket
and the tv.

Walk from door
to door,
look at the faces
that serve you,
give them your name
and ask them
how they are going.

Make the connections,
join the dots
of the moments
that make the people
a place
worth living.

To this day, Chris still has the typed-up version proudly displayed in his office.

Marks website is www.markniehurst.com. Please message him if you like it. He did it for free.