The folks in Malton and Norton in North Yorkshire are a creative and passionate bunch. Since launching Totally Locally they have held lots of events based on the Town Kit but already come up with lots of interesting and engaging ideas of their own!

These include a Treasure Hunt, Festival of Cycling (featuring the most amazing Totally Locally themed bike!) and a locally-themed Monopoly board game and prize draw for shopping in as many businesses as locals can.

There is a huge appetite from businesses to get involved and from locals eager to snap up offers and explore the area with fresh eyes: 71 businesses took part in the treasure hunt trail, a 1000 maps were printed for their first Fiver Fest and only 5 remained after the launch. We noted they had the most ever number of Hidden Gems on a launch too!

A new group emerged focussed on highlight the great food and drink produced locally, and leading to Malton and Norton to be the food capital of Yorkshire!