Charnelle Merritt has become the first Totally Locally graduate!

Charnelle (pictured here with Professor Jon Fairburn) was key to implementing Totally Locally Burslem and thought it would be great to write about the campaign and its effect as her final year dissertation at Staffordshire University!

You can read the complete study here – have a read, lots of interesting insights and stats on local engagement with the campaign.

Introduction to the paper:

“Social media, the influence of the supermarket and the internet all have major impacts on the retail industry at this current time. The following paper shall discuss the implementation of the internationally known marketing campaign and social media movement ‘Totally Locally’ and its influence on the town of Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, the toolkit of this marketing campaign will be discussed and how it can be used in your local town. Furthermore this paper shall discuss the future of businesses in Burslem and its potential for growth using Totally Locally Burslem as its motivation”