A nice little poster for you to write some great stuff about you or your shop. From what’s produced locally, to what you do that’s unique, to what’s your favourite shop to where you like to go on holiday! Anything that engages with your customer. Check a few of the below ones out here to get an idea.

Businesses often assume their customers know everything about them and what they sell but quite often they don’t, let’s elp fix this! Do you bake all your own cakes? Maybe potential customers don’t even realise this.

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    You can download, print and share these posters for free but please do not edit them in any way. See our copyright page for more info.

    To show you how far the poster has travelled, Chris chanced across this randomly at Mount Pleasant Market in South Australia!

    Also available in French (send us an email) – thanks to the nice folks in Totally Locally Villaines la Juhel

    Here are a few gathered together for a nice photo in Bakewell.

    This poster was thought up and added to the Kit by Totally Locally Teddington, because they wanted to share it with all the other towns. A really simple, but great idea. Check out some examples from Teddington and elsewhere!