Another thing for your windows folks. We all know Totally Locally is about supporting each other and spreading the love. So recommending other businesses is pretty much where it’s at.

So here’s are a couple of posters to do just that (one for shops, one for everyone else!). Print the one that suits you best, fill it in, print a few off and give ‘em to your mates.

And most of all, customers love it when you recommend other places. We know, because they tell us. And almost always it makes them more likely to come back to yours! Posters like these particularly highlight that you and other businesses are all on the same team, working together for the common good.

So here you go….

We recommend using an app like Canva for adding text and images into the middle space or for offline a good old-fashioned felt tip pen! This is also one of the templates available on our Create Your Own page so you can more easily edit them online & download.

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    You can download, print and share these posters for free but please do not edit them in any way. See our copyright page for more info.

    If you have printed or shared your own recommendation using this poster, tag us it in or email a photo of it and we can share!