The Totally Locally £5 or $10 Message has captured the imagination of so many people. They get it. It makes it easier for them to shop locally. They don’t feel overwhelmed and don’t feel that they have to boycott their supermarket or the big shops. So they do it. Then they start to think more about their town.

So when you hit them with a Fiver Fest not long after they have seen the £5 / $10 message, it makes the whole thing even stronger.

You could say  “We told you that you just need to spend £5 – now here’s what great value you can get for that £5 in our local shops”.

It can be tied into food tasting, a treasure trail, a launch event, whatever. It has had such an impact in almost every place it has been run. And people like to find new things. And they feel less intimidated if they know they can go and just spend £5 ($10) instead of worrying that everything will be really expensive in your shop. Don’t worry if you don’t sell a lot of your special offer. It’s not about that (your offer may not be right for everyone, or they may already have one). Just notice how many more people come into your shop, how many are talking about the campaign and how much press coverage you get.

Fiver Fest is now run nationally a few times a year, we recommend towns join in this rather than have their own dates so the message is amplified


Some towns have created amazing artwork and even their own Fivers to promote Fiver Fests.

It can run over a weekend, a week or a fortnight. We feel that the fortnight works the best, as it gives people more time to engage (And Fiver Fest Fortnight sounds nice).  Towns in Dollar economies have changed the FiverFest to 10 Dollar Town. Which is nice.

We ask you to list all the shop’s offers, print them out and put them on all the shops’ counters. This means you are all promoting each other, and people find out about places they may never even knew existed – and one of them could be you!

Just always remember – it’s not about shifting old stock, or stuff you can’t get rid of – it’s another excuse for people to explore your town and find out about all the great shops that are there. So make it a brilliant offer!

A last little word.

A Fiver Fest Map, possibly done by a local artist, is a brilliant thing to pull the whole thing together. Here’s Teddington’s/ Its lovely!

We absolutely love seeing all the creative Fiver Fest offers and windows displays from all over the world!