In Leek, you can find the fabled Totally Locally Burger – yes they really went and done it! It of course costs £5 to tie in with the Five Pound message, and is made using ingredients from independents all within 200 metres of The Roebuck Inn (which is well worth a visit!) where it is proudly offered on the menu!

Matt the baker, across the road at Live Love Loaf bakes a special bun based on a soft focaccia and Meakins butcher supplies the meat from next door to the pub. It’s also accompanied by locally brewed Titanic Ale and all together go down a storm with locals.

At the bottom of the menu there’s even a mention of what the £5 spend a week does for the local economy.

The burger has been so popular since it launched the pub’s new menu, it is now the most popular dish and the pub have had to increase orders from the local butchers and bakers!

Here’s a BBC piece about those helping high streets which also includes the Totally Locally Burger: