Here’s the story of how Totally Socially came to be in Scarborough.

The Yorkshire Coast Social Enterprise brings together enterprises that have a social purpose. They noticed Totally Locally goings-on in their town and thought it’s the right approach for what they needed to do. Jo Swift got involved and brought the Totally Locally values with her – “to show how it’s much more beneficial for everyone that lives in the same town. This year we decided to go bigger and better and launch an independents week AKA Totally Socially.”

This helped highlight brilliant local businesses but also their equally brilliant local suppliers.

“Totally Locally is very important for Scarborough, it brings the community together, all the independent traders together and shows a strong united front to the borough and it’s also great because it gets all our local traders trading together”.

Chris visited to present what Totally Locally is all about and the bit that really stuck with them is “You are the ‘They’ in ‘They should do something like that. And you don’t have to wait for permission to do it”. They took this ethos and ran with it! In fact it’s still written in huge letters on the wall when you enter their building.

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The event was hugely successful with over 100 businesses taking part, 380 socially enterprising delegates and over 18,000 local residents visiting the market.