The folks in Newark are going great-guns! They formed a CIC to make it a bit more official and raise funds for events, print etc and have been hosting lots of new and interesting ideas in their town.

This includes over five annual Fiver Fests (with over 20,000 leaflets!), several Newark Festivals, shopping competitions, gift vouchers, balloons, bags, banners. This is particularly amazing considering the size of the town and that all of this work was by just 3 people and some great local suppliers!

GH Porter Provisions: “What’s nice about Newark is that we are all in it together”. This scheme is indicative of the attitude in town. The Fiver Fest increased footfall and people were pleased with it. It was a demonstration of collective power”

Organisers: “Totally Locally has given the independent traders in Newark the ‘banner’ that they have been searching for to bring them together. The group is getting stronger and making a difference with a united message which has never been achieved before
Rebecca, Newark”

This ace whiteboard explanation of the Totally Locally concept was also created by the Newark team.