A set of posters to help your business when opening after the lockdown. Download below.


With the re-opening of shops after the lockdown, we spoke with lots of businesses. 

There’s a sense that things will be different than they were for a long time.

With this in mind, we wanted to remind people of the importance of looking after each other, supporting small shops and working together to make our communities stronger and more resilient.

Nearly all the posters we saw were ‘rules’ and no reasons. We wanted to bring ‘being nice’ into the equation.

We realise this is only a small contribution to that, but here is our Welcome Back Manifesto, plus some posters to help you get the messages of social distancing, patience and payment via card & more.

  You can download the full set of posters here>>  

This takes you to a Dropbox folder, where you can just click to download as a PDF.

There are a set of posters at A4 (they can be enlarged to any size without losing quality – A3 may be a good one)

There are a set of A5 posters – 2 up on A4 to display in smaller spaces (like on the till etc).

There is a folder with jpegs that you can share on your social media.

We hope it all helps a little.

Please tag us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with #totallylocally so we can see where they end up.

(oh, and please don’t crop off our web address or add your own or your logo – we know YOU wouldn’t but some people do – to make themselves look like they came up with the idea. We just ask for the credit. Ta)