Amongst the many creative things towns do for Fiver Fest, one of our favourites is a Fiver Fest Map, possibly done by a local artist, it’s a brilliant thing to pull the whole thing together. 

One really special one that we love was done by artist, Rachel Morris in Teddington, see above. Rachel’s beautiful map of Teddington has been used for lots of different things. It has set the bar for everyone else.

Why not make a map with all the shops in your town and use them for your events or as a general hand out? People love a map.

Make sure you include everyone though!

Include all the independent businesses in your town – even if they don’t contribute to printing it and even if they say it’s a load of rubbish!

Why should you?

Because it gives a proper representation of the offer of your town, it creates a bigger draw, and it always helps when you are nice to everyone.

It builds bonds and makes things move along a lot smoother.

See some great examples below.