The Totally Locally team in Bridport have launched a Magic Tenner campaign and have been inundated with businesses wanting to join in! The Magic Tenner is all about how spending £10 locally magically turns into £50 going into the local economy through the network of suppliers and cross-spend that local independent businesses create.

After announcing how the Magic Tenner works to locals there have been over 80 businesses wanting to take part, the response was so huge that posters with more space for each business had to be made. These Magic Tenner galleries are proudly displayed in the town so locals can easily see how many businesses are connected.

Posters are going up in shop windows declaring how many other independent businesses shops and services use to supply them or work with them. It’s also a great opportunity for the community to find out who the independents recommend locally. It’s also a chance for businesses to find future suppliers or people they can work with. If they took any one of their Magic Tenner businesses they would be able to find a trail around the town and out into the villages and trading estates where a host of others are quietly working away.

Totally Locally Bridport Team: “The Magic tenner stories are everywhere. For example The Olive Tree Restaurant on East Street: amongst the business supplying them are their neighbours Bridport PC Repair and Footprints, further along the road fresh vegetables are supplied by Bridget’s Market, Hanger’s Dairy for milk, Mercato Italiano on Dreadnaught Trading Estate for those hard to find delicacies, fine wines are supplied by Selected Grapes on St Michael’s and Furleigh Estate out in Salwayash, back in Bridport’s North Mills trading estate accountants Donovan and Atyeo provide financial services.

The Magic Tenner highlights the less visible businesses who contribute to the smooth running of those we frequent: the window cleaner, the signwriter, the local magazines used to promote and advertise, it soon adds up and will probably reach the thousands if they collected up all the businesses together. This spiders web of supply chains is what makes the biggest difference to the local economy.”

The team hope next to create a local shopping map so customers can follow some of these Magic Tenner trails!

Awesome portrait photos by Pete Millson.