We have had lots of people ask if they can ‘just use your stuff for our own shop local campaign. We like your ideas, but we don’t want to do Totally Locally’. Then we get people who don’t even ask, just take, and pretend it was their idea.

We don’t allow this. We are a not-for-profit organisation. Hundreds of towns have bought into Totally Locally – 100%. And if you start taking bits of it, it weakens everything for everyone, and it does them a dis-service. It works as a whole, not in bits.

We have worked for over 10 years on this campaign. It works. It is valuable – to us and to the people who use it.

So we had to do this: All words, images, photography, graphics and concepts on this site, including campaigns such as Fiver Fest (yes even the words) Town Kit, The £5 message – in fact everything on this site and that which is produced by us – are Trademarked and protected under Copyright Law. If you try and get round it by doing say ‘Fiver Fest Friday’ – well in law that’s called passing off, and that is infringement too. If you copy or adapt (change it enough to look different and its your idea) anything you see us do, that’s infringement too.

YOU MAY NOT USE ANY OF THIS CONTENT unless it is specifically sanctioned by us or used in the way specifically determined on this site (e.g. Free Stuff) or in our Town Kit Manual.

You may apply for the Town Kit, Apply to join Fiver Fest. But you may NOT copy the idea and pretend you did it.

You can download the posters etc. on the FREE STUFF page, but you may NOT doctor them, remove names, add logos, or change colours or wording in any way whatsoever. 

We take copyright infringement seriously. We will seek legal action over any breach of our copyright.  This is a non-profit campaign, if you steal things from here, you steal from the whole Totally Locally community. And they all get mad – believe us. 

Totally Locally is trademarked (ref: UK00003784506).

If this sounds harsh, it’s because people have ripped off our work and pretended they came up with the idea – often being paid for it. And we made them stop. For a more formal understanding visit our T&Cs page.

IN THE END – this is more than messages. There is a whole community working behind the scenes, helping and sharing things. Why not just join in, work with us and be part of something bigger. The UK’s biggest Grass-Roots High Street Campaign.  It makes sense. 

If you are in any doubts, or you want to discuss this, contact us at  

Right,……… carry on…….

Last updated: 08/09/2023