Create your own Totally Locally image or poster!

Please read these instructions carefully before you start:

1. Select your desired image from the below gallery
2. Edit the text (you can add more text boxes if needed or press Return to split the text over more than one line)
3. Drag the text box to resize, you can even rotate it or add more text boxes if you’re feeling fanciful!
4. Click on the Tools icon (far right) to change fonts, font colours and alignment
5. Press Save (wait a few seconds) and then hit the Download button to get the image on your device
Note: this might be easier to do on a desktop rather than mobile 🙂

If you have a Totally Locally poster with your town’s details on, you can Upload this first via the Toolbar then edit this using the above instructions!

Poster Editor:

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Here are some examples that others have created