Based in Hebden Bridge, a town very close to our heart, Handmade Parade are best known locally for the Hebden Bridge Handmade Parade, but parading is only one of the MANY art forms they work with, both across the UK and internationally.

They thought it was about time that they had a name and brand that reflected this.

We worked with the Handmade team to come up with a new brand and sub-brands that clearly reflected what awesome things they create!

We created a new website with a fresh, clean and clear view of all the awesomeness that Handmade Productions offer –>

The Handmade team are a very creative bunch and also put their imaginative hats on to come up with a set of fun icons to use in with new brand too. These are designed as flat objects so they can be printed and cut out by hand using paper, vinyl and anything else they have laying around their workshop!