We now have some comprehensive data to show the positive effect of Fiver Fest courtesy of Clay Cross which show up to a huge 41% increase in footfall during Fiver Fest times vs others! Click here to read more about this.


 Feedback from March 2023 FiverFest 


Brighouse BID

We’ll be doing the @totallylocally Fiver Fest this month, we do it every time it’s on, we love it, we get lots of footfall into Brighouse and people discover shops they’ve never been to and they love the £5 offers in the participating businesses.

Black Raven Forest, Sale

‘It’s a chance for independent businesses to use their collective power to encourage people back to our town centres, to say thank you to customers who supported them during these testing times and to prove once again, that the small guys can compete with the online giants.’ What a great idea! There are many of us in Emporium M33 joining in and there is a real buzz about it..go and check it out!

Totally Locally Keighley

Thank you to everyone who supported our independent businesses today for the start of Fiver Fest especially to this lovely lady who at last count had been to 7 independent shops and bought something from each of them.

Rhiannon-Jane Raftery

Such a simple concept by the brilliant Totally Locally to raise the profile of local Indies & add a dash of vibrancy at a very tough time. Who doesn’t love #fiverfest and the chance to support their local economy . Hopefully many of us will find ways to continue to support them we need more #thinkglobalactlocal to achieve the vibrant sustainable communities we need.

Dimensional Art, Barry

I didn’t even get chance to post our fiverfest offer before we completely sold out 😲 thank you so much ❤️

Jo Jo Co Candles, Burntisland

WHAT!!!! You guys crack me up!!! That was a lot of candles SOLD OUT in 16 MINUTES!!! Thank you for the madness ❤️ I’m absolutely overwhelmed ❤️

Rebel & Rose, Chapel Allerton

When a lovely customer wants 28 x fiverfest gifts …..all giftwrapped! 😁 Still time to find a bargain (or 28!!!) Thanks to everyone who has purchased from me – it’s been incredibly successful and I really appreciate your support xxx

Experience Huntly

Lots of positive comments from businesses in Huntly – increased footfall and sales. And lots of happy customers grabbing a bargain! 💛


 Feedback from October 2022 FiverFest 


Organisers, Kirkcudbright

Certainly my shop was busier than it has been recently and lots of people came in looking specifically for the £5 bargains (and bought quite a lot of them!) I know that @deesidediy ran out of one of their deals and poor Ronnie is now chained to the workbench making more. This is the power of Fiver Fest!
A lot of people came into @madeoncloud9 not having been in before, which is also one of Fiver Fest’s special powers! It gets people moving around the town and visiting places they might not have thought about going to before. We are creatures of habit.

Dorchester Live

As an advertisement for a business, Fiver Fest is definitely working to lure in new customers to try out new stores and restaurants. I had not been to Luciano’s before and upon these first impressions, I would definitely visit again.

The Hub45, Clay Cross

We’ve had a really busy start to @totallylocallyclaycross #FiverFest this week, it’s been so nice to see you all enjoying your £5 #FiverFest lunches. ❤️Our lovely tearooms have been full to capacity and buzzing with chatter & laughter. We’ve seen lots of our regular customers and many new faces too……..there’s also been LOTS of pot washing to do! 😆

Brambles Boutique, Nairn

WOW what a day on Saturday for the start of #fiverfest the atmosphere was amazing!!! As you can see so many bargains were snapped up that the rail was almost empty … but don’t fret under the black covers are more fantastic £5 giveaways ready to be unveiled tomorrow 🥳🥳🥳

Spotty Dog Customs, Burntisland

Well first day of Fiver Fest on Saturday 8th was a huge success and most of our offers have sold out. This week i have soooo many offers for you, different one every day.

Cup and Saucer Teas, Clay Cross

Fiverfest has also brought our small Independent business owners together, we have become a group of friends who support each other, share ideas and collaborate. We’ve become a Totally Locally family which keeps on growing! After each FiverFest we have a Get Together, a little celebration where we all meet, eat, drink & chat.

Merry Go Round, Okehampton

As always Fiver Fest was a huge success for us here at Merry Go Round Preloved Kids Clothes, Books, Toys & More! Our preloved books literally fly off the shelves every time we run the 10 books for £5 deal! Thank you to all at Fiver Fest who make this all happen, much appreciated! 😊

Sally, Linlithgow

Fiver Fest has been such a brilliant way to bring businesses together, as well as an effective marketing tool for our town – let’s keep it going!

Jennifer, Dorchester

Took advantage of this offer this morning and we are really glad we did. It worked for the business too and we will certainly be back!

Obsessive recessive , Clay Cross

Got our name out in the community and recognised as a business. Met some amazing people through fiver fest who all like helping each other out and it brings back that community spirit.


 Feedback from July 2022 FiverFest, our first ever Summer FF 


For the Love of Plants, Chorley

Amazing day! Sold 21 of the deal so 105 Cacti/Succulents in total 😍 never had a Saturday like it, feels on top of the world! Absolutely loved being a part of Fiver Fest and can’t wait for the next one! It’s been. A blast and amazing to see what other businesses offer during the event too 😊

Debbie Worthington, Sale

Yum 😋 I’ve tried this delicious offer today & can highly recommend. My first time in this shop & it’s beautiful, full of lovely fresh products on display with vibrant colours. Well worth a visit. The Fiver Fest is a great way to encourage new customers to try different products & services 🥰

Caroline Anne Hornsby, Staveley

Fiver Fest Staveley🙂 was huge success!! The market square was buzzing! Thankyou Grace ‘Scatt’ McGregorgreat idea to attract trade and community to the local area 🙂♥️

Totally Locally Chorley

We’ve had such a fab response from Fiverfest this time round, businesses are really enjoying meeting new customers etc. I think it’s been our best yet. Definitely got businesses working together promoting the town as a whole.
The Small Business Pop Up Shop had a queue of customers waiting to purchase Old Soul Bakery Fiver Fest deal who sold out within record breaking time 😊

Far From The Madding Crowd, Linlithgow

Fiver Fest continues to be a brilliant driver of footfall so thanks again.

Dimensional Art, Barry

We sold out so fast and amazing to see so many new customers finding my shop and for us @barryshoplocal promoting the event so well for our area was amazing 👏 ❤

Georgia April Art, Clay Cross

Amazing response, again I found it was a great way to get exposure, lots of new first time customers ❤️

The Melt Larder, Ryde

WOW 🤩 First day of Fiver Fest and we haven’t stopped! Thank you so much for your support as always and lovely to see some new faces.


 Feedback from March 2022 FiverFest 



We had new people coming in and many customers, new and existing, shared our offer on social media, which in turn bought more exposure for our cafe. Being part of Fiver Fest seemed to bring the town together as a whole. We had visits from other business owners, and we also visited other businesses to enjoy their Fiver Fest deals.


Wow what can I say I’m speechless we have had a great start to the towns Fiver Fest deals we have sold 50 today and there was a couple of times where you were buying them quicker than we could pack them!


Our first time taking part in fiverfest and can’t believe the support we’ve had so far. We’ve traded offers with other local business, had recommendations and so much interaction. It amazing to be part of the local community and support locally run businesses. 🤩 please check out the other businesses and see their great offers, there’s so much talent in clay cross and lots to discover.


Going brilliantly! We have just under 50 businesses taking part…that I know of ….. more keep popping up every day! Such a great event to be part of – really creates a great vibe in #Aberdare 🙂


We’ve come over from Cheltenham to escape the races. We saw the Fiver Fest adverts and thought we’d visit Stroud – we’ve never been before. What lovely little shops around here.


I’ve not been in here before – I’ve walked past often. How long have you been open? (9 years 🙂 )


The first weekend of Fiverfest was crazy, there was a real buzz in Chapel Allerton. This year has been a great success with over 800 Fiverfest deals sold. It’s a real opportunity for our customers to grab some bargains, our best offer saved our customers £8.98 on RRP. So to sum up… Fiverfest – why wouldn’t you shop local when you can grab a bargain for a fiver, shop local and help to keep Chapel Allerton thriving.


I have to say, even so early on, that this FiverFest has been the best so far. Not only from a personal view but all the local businesses taking part. Everyone is so proactive and supportive of one another … And of course, the customers, because without your participation it would not work?


 Feedback from October 2021 FiverFest 



Our #fiverfest deal has changed! We’re over the moon with your response to our limited time deal! Its gone so well we’ve run out! Not to let you all down we have decided to offer a new fiver fest deal,


My first Fiver Fest… it was great, new customers and new followers on social platforms… Thank you @totallylocally for your help and support 😍


The whole Fiverfest concept is easy to get behind because it is so simple and is designed for every business and community to get behind. Thank you Chris and the team for allowing us to be part of this brilliant, nationwide event.


We had a great first Fiver Fest in Sherborne. Over 30 businesses took part with loads of incredible offers! Definitely helped to attract new customers into our businesses.


We had great fun getting involved for Fiver Fest and it really put my brains to the test as to what offers we could do.

Being a plastic free shop we offer lots of alternative items to conventional products: Having the fiver Fest offer on items such as the toothpaste tabs and toothbrush set encouraged people just give the swap a go.It made it even better when customers realised they could just refill their container thereafter making the discount ongoing.

It encouraged me to speak with other businesses.. giving me some tips on getting involved. It helped create a community vibe.


We’re 10 days into Fiver Fest, and WOW we’re so pleased to be part of this great community initiative!⁠ In case you haven’t seen it yet, Totally Locally is an awesome, award-winning, grass-roots high street movement that has spread across the world – and now it has a dedicated website for businesses just in Southend-on-sea⁠ 🤔 We’re getting involved because we’re passionate about Southend and getting the buzz back on the high street – and that’s why we’re offering not one, but TWO DEALS⁠.


Fiver Fest! What a BRILLIANT two weeks it has been!💚 We really appreciate everyone who has taken the plunge & shopped local thanks to the Totally Locally campaign! 💚 Of course, as a family we realise the value of shopping locally & the Mini Montys have been out & about spending their £5 notes & joining in the fun! 💚 We’ve not only visited our friends in Birchington, but also some great little shops in the rest of Thanet! 💚 And finally a great big THANK YOU to all our lovely traders in Birchington who we visit all the time without taking photos (!) thank you for making Station road a great place to trade & shop for the last 35 years. Our first Fiver Fest has certainly been a highlight 💚


Fiverfest fever!!So we’re almost at the end of the first week of the fortnight long festival of supporting small businesses created by Totally Locally and championed by Paisley First and what a week its been….with more to come.

I am honestly blown away by people’s response and uptake of my offers and I’m in the blessed position to be posting to say that my diary for the rest of fiverfest is almost full.


Lyme Regis had another Fab Fiver Fest. Thanks to all at Totally Locally for such a brilliant idea and for supporting local businesses and communities to appreciate each other.😊🙏👏👌 Thanks too to all the lovely indepedent businesses who offered such a brilliant range of bargains and to all you lovely customers 😀👏💞🙌🙏


Not only is Fiver Fest a brilliant initiative that engages shoppers directly with Faversham’s independent shops and businesses. It is also great fun to be part of. The volunteers here at In Faversham are very proud to have got Fiver Fest Faversham up and running. We are also very grateful to Faversham Town Council for supporting it and now taking the lead and taking it forward. We can’t wait to see what the future holds


We absolutely loved Fiver Fest in Bedford! We didn’t manage to make use of the deals too often as we have been kept busy but we’ve kept kept the map as a bit of a checklist of local businesses that we want to try!! It’s help us discover new businesses that we’d not heard of before and increased our local knowledge. I’m sure it has been hugely beneficial to all the businesses who took part too!


For this Fiver Fest we introduced the Fivies, our awards for Fiver Fest. You can read all about the winners here.


 Feedback from June 2021 FiverFest 



Sold Out in 2 hours!!!! We had a lot more candles this time so hopefully we have a lot more happy customers💕 #fiverfest actually lasts for two weeks – but we don’t seem to manage to be in it for more than an hour or two😂 Safe to say I’m ‘again’ completely overwhelmed at you lovely bunch, the excitement of this morning has been just brilliant 🥰


OMG WOW what a morning, posters up bunting out and people in. The busiest morning we have had in months. Lots of people buying and liking our fiver fest offers, it obviously pays to show you are involved as we have had lots of new customers as well.


So today I’ve been on a little Fiver Fest explore to see what’s on offer. It’s great to hear that the local shops have been busy with people actually coming specifically for FIVER FEST – one lady has never visited #chapelallerton before & came to see what it was all about!


Fiver fest finished yesterday so I just wanted to say thank you to those of you that decided to put their fiver towards my little business. You aren’t just supporting a business, you’re supporting a big, lifelong dream! And now I’m a little bit closer to it.


Fiver Fest has brought the Burntisland community together for many years and it’s always been something I’ve supported in the past as a consumer. It’s a great concept encouraging local people to support their local shops and businesses. Spending a small amount locally makes such a positive impact to the local economy, which can clearly be seen in the creation of a high street that Burntislanders are very proud of. Personally, it’s been great to get to know so many local sellers better and all work together to bring more people to our town to experience what we have to offer.


I was late to the party this time due to having to self isolate so was pleased I had a great response.. I’ve joined every fiver fest up to now and will continue to do so… Love the ethos and its great to see how quick its grown.. A great team, well deserved ::)


Best ever fiver fest for us, we sold out and sold over 100 units. Bought new people in and regulars were buying multiples for friends.


I went in to shops I’ve never been in before, had a lovely cuppa and cake and got some brilliant gifts. It’s such a fab idea to get people back onto the high street.

Chris visited Chapel Allerton during Fiver Fest to chat to those taking part:


 Feedback from October 2020’s 130 Fiver Fest towns



We’re proud to be supporting @1TotallyLocally #FiverFest from 10th – 24th October and celebrating small businesses and their local communities across the UK #WhereYouShopMatters


Great visit to #fiverfest Penarth today after a morning of meetings & haircut from the #Bladesbarber fantastic offers from 47 #indieshops until 24 October. Late lunch @bar44tapas & enjoying our purchases from @GriffinBooksUK @ShorePenarth @Lilypadpenarth #shoplocal


Here at Carlton House Worksop, we love @1totallylocally and the work they do nationally for Independent Businesses!! Flag of United Kingdom Brilliantly backed by @VisaUK , it’s so simple, just spend £5 during #Fiverfest and you’ll be making a massive difference to your local indie economy #worksop


Awesome day 1 of the @totallylocally #salefiverfest Thank you! I am literally a second-job-kitchen-table business so any custom from you fine people is a blessing! Keep ’em coming


The best first Fiver Fest day ever! The High Street was jumping, queues everywhere (some even before shops opened). A photographer got 200 advance orders for her 2021 calendar, the butcher got four hours sleep he was so busy with prep and our candle maker sold out online in 9 minutes


We’re taking part for the first time (Sale) and so far it’s been brilliant! A couple of businesses sold out of their offer on the first day and others are posting photos of the orders they’re packing today. It’s great.


A whopping 40 plus snoods have been ordered in one day!!!! I hoped to keep the offer open over the fiverfest but I am only one woman ?? so will have to stop at some point! Thank you everyone for supporting small businesses! Today I went out and had a wander around our lovely town picking up some bargains from sunrise bakery, aye candy and the one one four, then a lovely lunch from The fix.


Thanks to Fiver Fest I have been in local shops today I’ve never visited before. will definitely be visiting them all again once I’ve made my xmas list and booked some time off work so I can be around when they are all open. Such lovely, local produce and some fantastic hyggeligt bits of loveliness.


Fiver Fest definitely brought not only people out to shop, but got Traders working and pulling together. Fiver Fest acted as the catalyst that we all needed to stop worrying about who was in competition with whom, but how we could all help each other to survive. A new spirit of collaboration has been born and we hope to build on this.


The manager of a butchers has just said “we had one lady in yesterday who has lived in Bedford for 50 years and didn’t know Lingers butchers was there until FiverFest.


Took part in @totallylocallyhorwich #fiverfest today by visiting local shops rather than chains. The great thing about fiver fest is you visit places you may not normally go to, see what brilliant items they have and end up spending more…win win #shoplocal #supportindie


We’re 1 week into the fabulous FiverFest & a whopping 218 of you have already made the most of our offer so far. This is a fantastic campaign for independent businesses that has been set up by @totallylocally & we’re so excited Studley is taking part!  Make sure you check out the other amazing deals that are running throughout FiverFest… snap them up before they end ??


 Feedback from February 2020 FiverFest 



Our shop saw increased footfall and really great sales on the first day in a usually quiet month. We also saw new faces coming in during the x2 weeks which was really nice. Overall I feel the campaign and vibrant posters especially did a lot to raise local awareness of the huge potential and benefits that spending locally can bring to our high streets.


As you all know #fiverfest is over and I would like to thank our customers and followers for huge support during this amazing event. Coming in here this morning looking at the empty spaces on shelves and walls made me feel so proud as lots of my own original art work got sold, especially my paintings, and that’s a huge deal for me, so thank you all!Also lots of our artists on board art works got recognised and some have a new fans and followers since #fiverfest.


It’s been a brilliant success. Our fully lined zip up cotton velvet cosmetic bags have been a big hit with our customers. They love that they are sustainably made exclusively for us by a family co-operative in Jaipur, India from the remnants of our chair and cushion fabrics. We’ve sold over 50 in the first week and only have 7 left so might have to think about introducing a new offer!


In Wymondham we’ve had our first day of our Fiver Fest, and from what we hear the day was great for everyone. People were walking up and down the street with their leaflets; two businesses have already been booked up or run out of stock of their offer! One shop that I know has been struggling has sent word that she had more people in the shop in the first 45 minutes than she’d had all week.


Our #fiverfest in #whitleybay has been blooming marvellous so far. We’ve had such positive feedback from our fab independent businesses. It’s been such a pleasure to coordinate the event in our area.


It has been amazing we have loved seeing so many new faces in the shop. Great idea and well executed I’d say, we are even continuing our £5 deal through March.


This promo really made a difference to the Sandwich Sausage Company business in a difficult trading climate.


I thought it was really good! Would love to see this happen more often! Really got me out the house and spending money locally! Also I deffo spent more than £5 in each place I went to.


 October 2019 FiverFest 



 June 2019, Our first ever National FiverFest! 


We want your Fiver Stories – Let us know how Fiver Fest has affected your town, what great offers you’ve seen or even if you’ve just got to meet some new people.

This is a social thing – we want it to be a lot more than just selling things for £5. It’s about community and businesses supporting each other, whilst saying thank you to people who support local independent businesses.

You can tag us with feedback on any of our social media channels or email your comments & stories to us at:

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