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Totally Locally Manifesto

We wanted to get across what Totally Locally was about – not the actual doing, but the feeling you get when you shop Totally Locally. Difficult, but the “Manifesto” was our answer. We ran it in the Totally Locally Times, and people started cutting it out and sticking it up in shop windows…

The Declaration of Independents

We wanted to get across the general current feeling that people have forgotten that there a differences between the online retailers, large chains and the independent shops and businesses on their doorsteps. As with everything we do, we have done this in a positive way…and produced something that people can put up in their shops […]

What’s Made Locally?

Free to download, and makes a very nice companion to the “Did you know?” Poster. Just write on stuff that you sell which is made, grown, reared, designed or brewed around your town. Easy as ABC. Click the link below to get a pdf of a 2 up “What’s Local?” poster to print on your […]

Declaration of Independents for $ Countries

A download & print of out very popular “Declaration of Independents’ poster, this time changed for dollar based countries. We’ve been asked loads for this, so we thought we’d give it a few tweaks – and Bob’s your favourite Uncle. And it’s a different colour to the UK one to avoid confusion. Always thinking you […]

The ‘We Recommend Poster’

Another thing for your windows folks. We all know Totally Locally is about supporting each other and spreading the love. So recommending other businesses is pretty much where it’s at. So here’s a poster to do just that. Print it off, fill it in, print a few off and give ‘em to your mates. And […]