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The future of high streets & how we can all play a part

Over the last few months I’ve read lot of predictions for the high street. There are many different theories of what will constitute ‘normal’ when it comes to future town centres and high streets, and although I’ve often been asked my opinion, I held back on commenting until now, mainly because I feel no one […]

Totally Locally Commended in South Australian State Parliament.

The Launch of Totally Locally in Blackwood, South Australia was a huge success, so much so that their local MP, Sam Duluk, delivered this fantastic speech in State Parliament. I was lucky to meet Jonathan & Heather, who brought the campaign to Blackwood, when I was over in Australia in April, and what fantastic and […]

The Sunday Supplement

The Sunday Supplement – what is it? Is it a market? Yes. Is it an event? Yes. Is it an extra trading day for a town? Yes It is all of the above, done in a Totally Locally way. The Sunday Supplement started in Leek in 2012 to stimulate Sunday trade in the town. Before […]