We wanted to get across what Totally Locally was about – not the actual doing, but the feeling you get when you shop Totally Locally. Difficult, but the “Manifesto” was our answer. We ran it in the Totally Locally Times, and people started cutting it out and sticking it up in shop windows…

So we thought let’s give it away for free.

So here’s a pdf for you to print in (it’s A3 size but you can print on A4 if your printer scales). There’s actually two on here (share with a friend, make yourself look right-on, and save some paper at the same time – smashing!). But just in case you’ve got no mates, there is also a single one, all on its lonesome to download.

  DOWNLOAD THE MANIFESTO HERE>>   – (print ‘fit to page’ on A3)

Live the Totally Locally dream, people!

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