Totally Locally Free Stuff

Manifestos, Posters, Disloyalty Card, Did You Know…. loads of nice things to download, print out & share with your neighbouring shops & businesses.

The Manifestos and Declaration of Independents have been downloaded thousands of times and can be spotted in cool (obviously!) shops around the globe. The Manifesto has been translated into French, Welsh, Italian & German, all by volunteers.

Tell people how shopping in Independents is good for their town, city and high street. Tell them how valuable your contribution to the local economy is, and tell them some great facts about yourself.

And then encourage people to shop in other businesses in your town with the ‘We Recommend” Poster (the idea stolen from Amazon) and with the Disloyalty Card.

All with these smashing downloads. Oh, go on then…


You can download the posters etc on the FREE STUFF page, but you may NOT doctor them, remove names, add logos, or change colours or wording in any way whatsoever. 

If you mention the £5 National message (equating to £13.5bn a year) then please say where it came from 🙂

This is copyright infringement and we take it seriously. We will seek legal action over any breach of our copyright.  This is a non profit campaign, if you steal things from here, you steal from the whole Totally Locally community. And they all get mad – believe us. 

If you are in any doubts, or you want to discuss this, contact us at

It’s free – it’s great, it works. Why you’d want to change it is beyond us. People have tried. Don’t be one of them. Use this in the manner it was intended. Be nice, and credit people with the idea they came up with (and decided to share from the goodness of their hearts).