If you like Fiver Fest, or anything that we do, please think about supporting us by contributing a small amount to help us make it even bigger and better next time.

We are just two people, we don’t get paid for any of the work we do, and we don’t have any grants or sponsors. We have created Fiver Fest & Totally Locally purely in our spare time because we love our independent towns & high streets.

If you or your town benefited from running our Fiver Fest why not have a whip-round and donate below. We suggest a contribution of £5 per business that took part in Fiver Fest (best gathered as a group whip-round), that ties in nicely with our Five Pound message! *Don’t forget to include your Town name or Business in the Note field so we know who you are!

If you are an individual that joined in with Fiver Fest by buying £5 bargains, why not just send us a Fiver. It would be nice.

Thank you for any contributions, it means the world to us. It helps support our admin & office costs. It’s a big operation now. Please email us at info@totallylocally.org for more info if needed.

Note: we are a not-for-profit organisation. The button below leads to our Paypal donation page but you don’t need an account to use this, you can contribute as a guest.

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