Due to a HUGE demand we’ve decided to take no new applications for the Totally Locally Town Kit for a month or two. Hope you understand.

You can still register your interest below, and we will get back to you in the near future, but we are currently clearing a backlog of applications.

Totally Locally town kit laid out


Add as much detail as you can to the application and we will be in touch as soon as the newly reworked kit is available.


 Some Frequently Asked Questions” 

How soon will my town be able to go Totally Locally? 

It depends on you and the people helping in your town. It can be as short as 8 weeks from your initial conversations to your launch event, sometimes it takes a little longer.

  How much does it cost?

The kit has historically been free to groups but we are currently working on ways to fund Totally Locally so we can build on the success of boosting local economies and take the campaign to the next level. This will still be free from your point of view but the funding will need to come from somewhere. We are working on a guide to applying for funding from your local Council, BID (Business Improvement District) and organisations that fund local initiatives. More news on this soon! Once deployed, the costs of launching Totally Locally depends on how big an impact you wish to make. You would need to set a budget for yourselves to do a launch event though to cover your printing for posters, letters and events. Many towns group together to crowdfund this or ask their local Council or Councillors for a community grant. You will need to work with a local printer or designer to get your kit set up and ready for your town, it isn’t set up for you. OR you can just beg and borrow…ask around for sponsors for printed material. You could also just ask that each business download and print their posters, this has been done too. It’s all about the passion you put into it. People will see that.

  Can you help us to set Totally Locally up?  

Yes! The new method for setting up Totally Locally Towns means that we will tailor the Kit to your town’s details and setup most of this for you, along with a physical kit containing banners, posters etc to get you started and chats along the way for advice and help. We can also come and talk, run workshops and generally show you how to do things. This part isn’t free, as it is our time you are paying for. To find out costs please email

Once setup, you need to run the campaign yourselves, which will mean you will need a dedicated volunteer group and have a campaign that will be sustainable. We can show you how to do this.

There is a Facebook group of ‘Do-ers’ set up for Totally Locally towns to ask questions and help each other. And our website section How To’s has lots of helpful hints and advice.

We are not currently funded and this isn’t our job, it’s our passion and the kit has helped over 60 towns in the UK and further afield. It’s about self-help and collaboration, and it works, really well!

  Do you do talks or anything to help us get going? 

Yes. Our talks and workshops are fun, unbelievable practical, free of bullsh*t and accessible to anyone. We’ve spoken at events and worked with groups across the UK, Australia, New Zealand, France & Ireland. We help people to look at things differently, give practical tools to make things happen. Talks and workshops are available from £500 (depending on location) plus travel expenses.

  For Workshops & talks email: