For a downloadable PDF version of our Town Kit Terms and Conditions see here.

License Agreement

For use of the Totally Locally name and Totally Locally Town Kit.

This License Agreement gives the team in your town/area usage of the Totally Locally name, images and Town Kit.

All intellectual property rights are owned by Totally Locally Ltd. Totally Locally is trademarked.

Totally Locally reserves the right to withdraw the use of our name, images and Town Kit being used by your group in your town without notice (including being a registered name on social media accounts) if we feel you are in breach of our license rules.

Terms and Conditions

* Totally Locally is exclusively for the benefit of independent businesses only, no national chains, franchises or charities or MLMs.

* Our campaign should be run by a local group who cares about the town they live in. It’s simply too much to be run by one person and a good mix of types of people usually works best – business owners and passionate locals!

* Totally Locally should not be used to solicit membership fees or participation in any group, society etc. It’s OK to have a whip-round or kitty to run the campaign, or even ask if a local company would like to sponsor it to cover your costs, but Totally Locally shouldn’t have a membership fee where you can’t take part if you don’t contribute. Our campaign is completely inclusive and yours should be too, you can’t exclude someone from the campaign due to personal or other differences.

* Please use the included posters and artwork to run your campaign. We like that towns have their own take and make their own ones too, but please try to keep it on-brand: same colour scheme, general vibe and fonts (ask us if you don’t have them!), basically don’t make your own images and posters completely from scratch in a different style. If in doubt, ask us first. If you have created something nice yourself, tag us or send it to us anyways so we can share your hard work!

* The Town Kit and campaign is a carefully thought-out and planned 2 year (ish) plan that has been tweaked over the years and it works! Feel free to add bits and bobs of your own but don’t use our name to run your own 100% different campaign, you can use your own name for that! Sometimes our campaign morphs into something else entirely, that’s fine as long as something good comes from it.

* If you are mentioning your local Totally Locally campaign online or in the press, please include that yours is a part of a larger national (or international!) campaign. We have a louder voice when we all shout at once! See the included press release template which has this text already for you.

* Each folder in the Town Kit files tells you what information you should edit within each template, stick to that and don’t change other parts of the design and it will work well! There is a file for a Totally Locally logo for your town, please use this rather than your own design.

* Our logo, images and words are trademarked, see our website footer for more info! In particular please don’t edit or alter our main Totally Locally logo.

* Don’t add local authorities or other organisations logos to our posters or images without our permission.

* Please do not pass on the Town Kit to anyone outside of your group without our permission.