We like to practice what we preach so after asking you all which other businesses you recommend via our We Recommend poster, here are some nice and interesting things you might be interested in, we recommend them!


“Support Independent Bookshops”

We often hear people ask how they can support local bookshops but with the convenience of ordering online from larger companies.

Bookshop.org is an online bookshop with a mission to financially support local, independent bookshops.


Bank Job

“The rebel bank, printing its own notes and buying back people’s debts”

Operating out of a former Bank in Walthamstow, the activist team printed their own banknotes/artwork that were used to fund local projects
and buy up and abolish £1.2m of local high interest debt.



“Is there any way out of the mess we’re in?”

Fascinating book by Jon Alexander on people’s role in society has changed, is it time to change back? We were Subjects, now Consumers but should play our part in society as Citizens.


The Do Lectures

“The Encouragement Network”

Inspirational online courses, in-person workshops, Masterclass events and great books to help you turn insight into action. So you can grow your business and your Self.


Incredible Edible

“Believe in the power of small actions”

The now-worldwide movement started to create kind, confident and connected communities through the power of food. It began when two locals wondered if they could just plant veg in unused places around Tordmorden.


Just A Card

“Every sale, even just a card, is vital to their prosperity and survival.”

Grassroots campaign on a mission to encourage people to support, value and buy from artists, makers, independent shops and small businesses.


Local Futures

“Renewing ecological & social wellbeing by strengthening local communities & local economies”

Local Futures is an international non-profit organisation dedicated to renewing ecological and social well-being by strengthening communities and local economies worldwide.


Locals LOVE it when one business recommends another so why not try this yourself, head over to the We Recommend download page, then use either the social image or printable poster and recommend someone else that you like.