Those industrious folks in Teddington had some useful and lovely Totally Locally shopping bags made with a local-themed nice design from Rachel Morris Illustration. Both the local Totally Locally groups and local shops get a small profit from each sale so these help keep a kitty for running their campaign, shops benefit, and it helps spread the Totally Locally message too!

How much did they cost? A fiver of course!

One was even gifted to Boris Johnson when he visited the town, but it’s not 100% confirmed that he still uses it to bring his important files and lunch to work.

Not content with seeing lots of Totally Locally bags around town, organisers set a challenge to see how far the bags could travel and were soon surprised with how far that could be!

Photos of them being used in far-flung corners of the world included:
Argentina, Bolivia, Dubai, Iceland, Machu Picchu, Malaysia, Mont Blanc, New York, Peru, Portugal, Qatar, Sicily, Sydney Opera House and Venice!

Click here for full map of their travels.